Thursday, August 29, 2013

Contrasting Brilliance

For my first blog, I wanted to just brows through different photographer's works, to see what different people are doing, and maybe get some ideas. I think I found two artists worth sharing. 

Francois-Xavier Maricat took the photo above in Belgium. I love the almost spiral composition, and heavy black and white contrast. Because I love full rich colors, I rarely put my photos in black and white, but Maricat consistently used black and white compositions effectively in his series of European Landscapes. You can check them out here:

Underwater photographer Nicholas Samaras seems to be taking an opposite approach in his series of night shots. In the photo above, Samaras utilizes the dark background of the ocean after dark to enhance the brilliant colors of this jelly fish. Although I doubt I will be shooting underwater this semester, I hope to get some practice with night shots, and experiment with the unique effects they can offer on contrast and color. More of Samaras' photos, and information on underwater photography equipment can be found at his website: