Tuesday, November 26, 2013


1. This photograph shows the movement of fog over a ridge line, presumably in the morning or evening. The trees are sharp, while the fog is blurred (70 second exposure) to show movement. I like the warm colors and (mostly) sharp trees. I think that the sky and trees are slightly over exposed - probably due to the long exposure.

2. This photograph has great clarity and sharpness on the coral, and the sky and water have a similar blue, giving repetition throughout the frame. Due to the 67 second exposure, the foreground is very blurry, and rather distracting in my opinion. The photo could also be cropped to show a little more on the left hand side, as it looks like a rock was cut off right before it would have naturally ended. This photo may have been better in landscape, though it is hard to know without seeing the scene in person.

3. This photograph is definitely a great action shot. The squirrel is crisp and sharp, with the exception of the tail and hind feet. This could be solved by increasing the f/stop slightly. The colors are very constant throughout, giving warm greens and browns. The background is blurred, keeping the viewers attention on the squirrel. However, the branch is blurred just enough to distract the viewer. This also could be salved with an adjustment of the f/stop. The shutter speed used was 1/1600, which could possibly be decreased slightly to allow for a higher f/stop.

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